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All you need to know about FAQs Schema

Schema is a markup system in the form of a code, that is placed on the website to make it easier for the search engine to understand its content. FAQ schema is a code placed on the website for the communication to the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) about the content in a question & answer format. In this article, we will dive into all you need to know about FAQs Schema and how you can test the results from its implementation.

All you need to know about FAQs Schema

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A Simple Guide to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (also known as Google Webmaster) is one of the free Google tools for marketers. This essential tool helps you to analyze the performance of your website on the Google search engine. It allows you to access important data such as the performance of your web pages for relevant keywords, internal links, top linking text, indexing and backlinks.

Google Search Console

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What is an HTTP 403 Forbidden Error and How to Fix It?

403 Error occurs when users attempt to access a web page, but the server refuses to authorize it. Learn how to fix 403 errors on Google, IIS and WordPress. You should act immediately if you find 403 errors on your website because these will not allow your URLs to get indexed by the Google search engine and result in a negative user experience. A 403 Forbidden error is not as common as a 404 error.

403 Forbidden Error